Florida State Title Information

Vehicle Information:
Vehicle Identification Number: 1FMRU17L0WLB90001 Year/Make: 1998 FORD MOTOR COMPANY
Previous Title State: FLORIDA Registration Expiration Date:
Title: 75120078 Title Issue Date: 8/26/2013
Title Status: CANCELLED Title Print Date:
Odometer Reading/Status: EXEMPT Odometer Date:
Color: GREEN Vehicle Type: AUTO
Net Weight: 4,823 Owner Information: 1 owner
Paper Title Salvage:
Authorized Destruction Date: 8/30/2013
Florida State Lien Information
There is no lien on this vehicle.
If any of the information on this record needs to be corrected, please contact your tax collector and complete appropriate paperwork to update the record.
If you have lost or misplaced your title and need to apply for a duplicate, click here for the form and instructions.