VinAlert BASIC Report for YV1NC63D63J036914

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AirBagLocFront1st Row (Driver & Passenger)
ErrorCode0 - VIN decoded clean. Check Digit (9th position) is correct
ManufacturerVOLVO CAR USA, LLC
NCSABodyTypeConvertible(excludes sun-roof,t-bar)
NCSAModel70 Series (For XC70 for 2014 on, use model code 402)
OtherEngineInfow/o EGR, w/o air pump, OBDII, Variable Valve Timing Exhuast, under-floor catalyst, Bosch Motronic ME 7.01 - EMS, RuLo, ORVR
OtherRestraintSystemInfoDual Airbags (SRS)
DatabaseSearch Result
Manufacturer Buyback (Canada Lemon): Passed!
Recall Check: Possible Recall Data Found. More details at Recall Database here and Recalls from NHTSA here.
Salvaged from Crash-Testing: Passed!
Active Auction Listings: Passed! This VIN is not Currently listed on the IAAI or Copart Salvage bidding Auctions.
Repair-Risk®: High Risk: 13-16 year old cars will need a metal break line (could be rusty and unsafe), new callipers, new shocks, new ball bearings (for those in snow and cities with lots of pot holes). The car is getting old but can do the job if you keep up the important items related to safety and if you can live with common noises that cars make at this age. set aside about 1000$ for unexpected repairs just in case.
Canadian Theft Database: Passed!
Bonus: Ontario Canada Emission-Testing: Could not find data in Ontario
Bonus: Georgia DMV: No data at Georgia DMV
Bonus: North Dakota DMV: No data at North Dakota DMV
Bonus: Illinois DMV: No Title Data in Illinois DMV
Bonus: Ohio DMV: No Title Data in Ohio.
Bonus: Florida Title info: No Title Data in Florida.
Link: Wisconsin DMV VIN-Check: HERE
Link: Honolulu DMV VIN-Check: HERE
Link: Massachusetts DMV VIN-Check: HERE
Link: New York State DMV VIN-Check: HERE
Link: Michigan State DMV VIN-Check: HERE
Link: Florida Theft: Florida database for stolen cars here.
Autocheck Number of RecordsCarfax Number of RecordsAirBag DeployedIs LemonFloodedOdometer IssuesBranded Title
found 3244Passed!Passed!Passed!Passed!Passed!

Theft, Flood, and Salvage Results:

Results for VIN: YV1NC63D63J036914
Theft Record

YV1NC63D63J036914 has Not been identified as a vehicle listed in the USA Theft Records database.

Flood / Salvage / Total Loss Record

YV1NC63D63J036914 has Not been identified as a vehicle listed in the USA Total Loss Records database.